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Our fundamental entrepreneurial attitude is oriented towards creating a long-term sustainable value for our customers and partners through cooperation and services.

We want to be the most innovative company and preferred service provider for our customers.

Honesty: We impart the utmost importance to honesty in all business activities.
Innovation: We satisfy our customers with quality, utility and service through innovative technologies.
Respect: We respect business relationships with our customers and partners.
Trust: We aim for a high appreciation of our company worldwide and the brand name „WebiProg“ as a web service provider and internet agency.

Excellent advice, excellent service and complete satisfaction – all from one source.

Provide the best e-commerce and XMS solutions with excellent result for our customers. After all, our most important asset is our first-class employees.

Focus on customer. We are distinguished by our individual services and a true, deep understanding of the needs of our customers.

Excellent quality. We strive to deliver excellent service.
Teamwork. We work together as a team and everyone puts effort into group work.
Responsibility. We take responsibility for our work and services.

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