Loading time optimization



As an Expert Website Optimizer, we have many years of experience in the area of page-speed optimization (load time optimization) and we ensure that your website or online shop is labeled with high performance on Google. As a technical SEO optimization agency, the topic of page speed and website loading optimization is one of our core competencies.

Achieving the best load time requires the following factors: web server review and analysis of the website structure as well as page content. We analyze your website and develop the optimization plan with high efficiency. With the load time improvement, we also increase the conversion rate of your website in a sustainable way.


  • Improvement and optimization of HTTP requests
  • Optimization of JavaScript and CSS codes
  • Image optimization
  • Browser Caching
  • Fixing unnecessary redirects and bad requests
  • Server optimization for the response time reduction

We fix the technical errors of your website and optimize it for the positive position on Google. Evaluation of effectiveness belongs to one of the most important criteria for website optimization and affects the apparent success of search engines.

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